Friday, December 10, 2010

when i thought of you =='

hello blogger . haha tetiba rasa macam miss something doe . ape yeah . tetibe pulak teringat kenangan lama ! suck . ape hal nie kau nak gila kehh ? hadoi . oh my ex sayang I always remember the memories of my past and you. Why should I remember it allwhoaa. Please go of my life. do not bother me with memories that we built earlier. =='  You do not belong to me and I had to forget and hate you.I'm sorry! I had to forget about you. I'm glad to see you happy with her. Even if I get hurt. You always used to say that you love me, I'm touched by your words. oh when I feel like I've got this world. We created many of the most beautiful memories in my life. when we are apart I feel my world is incomplete without you. oh you are my baby. I really want to live with you at all times. but what could I do maybe I'm not perfect for you.swear i love you more than everything I ever love. Now I just need to say goodbye for good . ! whoaa boleh masuk pidato tak nie . haha saja je mahu toucing sekali sekala kann :) apa salahnya . eh tapi kann seriusly aku mcm rindukan sesuatu ! apa dia hah ? 

                                                                                                               Sincerely from me.


  1. it is better not to play with words cmtu jer x.x"
    sorry to hear that..

    eh btw entry punya text nih kasi yg kaler cerah skit ;D
    baru ad feel baca sbb background itam kan xD

  2. oh thanks fakhrul razi :) okey akan diperbaiki . btw thanks alot